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The Australian Native Birds

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Indeed, Australia is the home to various and very unique colourful birds. Starting from a few dozen of the 826 Australian native birds, the number will certainly increase as more of these remarkably beautiful birds sit close enough as found on a multitude of trees in Australia.

Some of the Australian native birds are as follows:
The Western Rosella is found in the South West of WA. The male Western Rosella has a more distinct colour than the female which is spotted with the green colour. The Eastern Rosella has a more shade of yellow on its back and the underside, moreover it has white cheeks, and it is sometimes called the Albany Western Rosella.

Parrots are widespread specie found all over Australia. The Australian Ring-neck, an Australian native bird, has several races. The Australian Ring-neck also known as the Twenty-Eight Parrot is named after the call that it makes. Another is the Port Lincoln Parrot which has a yellow belly and has a tiny little red beak.

The Galah is another native bird of Australia and is found throughout the country. The numbers of this native bird are increasing by the day, most probably due to the clearing of the land.
Gang-gang Cockatoo bird is found in the forests of south-eastern Australia. The female Gang-gang Cockatoo can be easily distinguished from the male. Surprisingly, they mostly feed on nuts.
The Australian Wood Duck, one more Australian Native Bird, is found chiefly in the south-eastern parts of Australia. The male Australian Wood Duck bird has a solid and a darker-brown head, whereas the female bird's head is a lighter-brown and has clearly visible pale stripes on its head.

The Black Swan is a symbol of Western Australia, and can be found throughout the waterways of Australia. They are extremely beautiful native birds. Their young ones, called the Cygnets are usually grey in colour, but as they grow, they change into a deep shade of black.
The Australian Magpie is of two types; one is a black-backed Magpie and the other is the Western Magpie. The Australian Magpie has one of the most stunningly beautiful calls. Its white coloured collar and red eyes distinguishes it from the other black birds. The black Magpie native bird is found on the eastern side of Australia. The Western Magpie can be found in the south-western terrain of Australia. The females Magpie's white collar is mottled in a shade of grey.

The Currawong is another Australian native bird that is of two kinds. The Pied Currawong is found in the eastern side of Australia, it is often referred to as a magpie, however, its yellow eyes and all black collars readily distinguishes it from the magpie. The second type of the Currawong native bird is the Grey Currawong. It occurs across the southern Australian States. It has several marked variations including brown and black.

The Pied Butcherbird can be found in almost all parts of Australia. It can be best distinguished from the Magpie by its dark eyes and lack of white collar. The Apostlebird is yet another Australian native bird; it is a ground forager, where it is frequently seen. It is found in the non-coastal Queensland.

There are hundreds of more Australian native birds, which are so colourful and beautiful that they are eye soothing and a wonderful treat for birders. The Australian native birds are a favourite among the Aussies and they claim to be extremely proud of their native birds.