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Diverse Species Of Dragons

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If you are a pet lover, you must have had a dog, cat, parrot etc but have you ever kept a dragon as your pet. A dragon has turned out to be an ideal choice for pet in recent times for the children as well as for the first time owners. These dragons as pets are peaceful to hold and do not cause any difficulty when transported from one place to another. Dragons that are captive tend to live a healthy and active life and are also free from pesticides as compared to the ones who are wild caught. If you are planning to keep the dragon as a pet in your house then you must know about types of dragon and how to care and feed them.
Bearded Dragons are inhabitant of Australia. They belong to a large number of various species. The reason for the popularity of dragons is because they are quite in nature, calm to handle and small in size. A dragon takes up relatively less space than other pet animals such as dogs or cat and is much cleaner. They are not quite prone to health issues; however they easily get mites or worms. Dragons can be found in eight different species out of which six can be kept as pets which are as follows:
�Western Dragon: This kind of dragon is mostly found in southwest coast, in Western Australia. Such dragons can live in coastal dunes, and desert as well but are mainly found in woodland areas.
�The Inland Dragon: This dragon is the largest of its own species and is one of the most famous breed of reptilian pet. They can grow up to 20cm in length. An inland dragon can be found in every state and territory apart from Western Australia.
�The Mitchells Dragon: These dragons can be located in the interior of the north and in the Great Sandy Dessert which is located in the north side of Western Australia. Unique features of this dragon includes his cone like head spikes; they are the smallest of their species and can grow up to 14cm. They are the only one of their kind and are easy to recognize.
�The Dwarf Dragon: These dragons are quite closely related to the previous Mitchell species. They can be found in the Great Sandy Desert. One can recognize a dwarf dragon by noticing his short legs and tiny tail.
�Lawsons Dragon: Lawsons dragons live in almost all the parts of Queensland and some of the northern territory and are second most popular choice of pet species. The total area covered by these species is still not known.
�The Nullabor Dragon: They can be identified easily by their markings; they have large white markings along its back and spines on their sides. They are not very common and are only found in some parts between the South Western and South Australia. They are least likely to be kept as pets due to their rareness and also are not known to breed in captivity.
There could be possibly some other unknown species of Bearded Dragons in Australia and may be sub species as well. They are quite creature who are active in day time. They tend to sloth as the sun sets.