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Ten Proper Steps To Clean Bird Cages

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The most time consuming task when having a pet is cleaning its living area. You can not neglect this task since it is very important if you want to have a healthy and happy pet. A dirty cage could cause sickness and restlessness to your pet bird. Here are 10 ways to clean your bird’s cage.

1. Before proceeding to clean the cage, make sure that you have a safe place to put your pet in. It shouldn’t have any open doors or windows so that your bird cannot fly away.

2. All accessories must be removed from the cage, all the toys, food trays, including the perch should be taken out before starting to clean the cage.

3. Some cages have removable bottoms and if it is what you are using for your pet, you should remove it from the cage and clean it separately, making sure that all droppings are removed.

4. If your bird’s cage has a built in bottom then just turn it upside down and allow the droppings to fall into a trash bin or a garbage tray.

5. Use hot water and non toxic soap and cleansers in cleaning your bird’s cage and its bottom. You must ascertain that all the dirt and droppings are removed from every inch of the bird cage.

6. Use a brush, scrub pad, or sponge and a non toxic cleanser to remove the dirt from the cage.

7. In rinsing, always use hot water and put the cage aside to drain the excess water.

8. For a 2 part bird cage, it is important to reassemble the cage first before drying it out with a clean cloth, making sure that every inch is clean and dry.

9. The toys, dishes, perches and all other accessories must be cleaned with hot water and soap. Scrub them well before drying with a dry clean cloth.

10. After everything is cleaned and dried, put them back into the cage. Arrange the food dish and toys inside the cage before putting your pet bird back. Make sure that everything is well and that the cage is firmly assembled.

If you cleaned the cage and its accessories in the shower, be sure to clean the area well after using it. Some dirt is hard to remove and it is best to soak it with soap and hot water to loosen the dirt. Another way for easier cleaning is to line the bottom of the cage with paper that you can throw away once soiled, replacing it with fresh ones after.