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Fur Real Squawkers Parrot - The Nearly Real Talking Parrot

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If you are looking for a unique present this holiday season, the toy market has come up with a new option that will have your kids fascinated for more than a few minutes. Squawkers, the Nearly Real Talking Parrot, is a toy that exceeds multiple kid-tested criteria. This one toy not only talks, but responds to your mood, plays music and can be "trained". If your child has been begging for a pet for Christmas, loves talking toys and would enjoy a toy that can trick his friends, Squawkers will satisfy all of these desires.

This toy is a new FurReal product that not only looks like the real thing, but he will behave like a living parrot as well. Squawkers responds to touch, sound or light and he can dance for your entertainment. He has his own songs, or you can make him dance to your own. You activate this feature through a remote control - imagine the surprise of company when your "bird" starts to sing and dance with no notice.

One of the neatest things about this toy is that Squawkers McCaw can respond to your voice commands. You program him to respond to your questions, tell jokes, sing, and to say what you want him to. One recent customer trained her parrot to give her dog the commands to "sit" and "stay". Squawkers is unique from other toys in that he will switch moods depending on how you interact... he can be sweet, sassy and irritated. When he gets irritated, get ready to hear some squawking.

Not only does he talk and respond, but he has animatronic features that make him seem more real. He will fascinate children and adults alike, and will become a fast friend for your child.

Squawkers comes with a toy cracker, the remote, a perch, and an instruction manual, and is recommended for children between the ages of 5-10. He makes a great gift for people of any age, however! Hurry up before he sells out. You don't want to miss out on this great toy.