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Eclectus Parrots for Sale

2016/5/3 8:33:04

Sailing from the South Pacific, eclectus is a striking exotic bird. Several sub-species of eclectus include:

* Solomon Island
* Red-Sided
* Grand
* Biaki
* Vosmaeri
* McGillvary

The Colors of the Eclectus

Red underwings and a translucent green body is what characterize the male eclectus. Some subspecies of the bird will possess more red color than others. When taking a look at Vosmaeria males, they showcase a yellow band on their tail.

Females are typically red, yellow, and mauve. At times, the birds are red and possess a royal blue underside and underwings accompanied by a maroon color. The beaks are orange-yellow on the males, while the beaks of the females are black.

Throughout the United States, eclectus parrots for sale are considered pretty pricey, as they can cost more than $1,000. It is important to make sure you can provide an appropriate environment for your bird when considering the eclectus as a pet.

A lot of time and patience is also required. Eclectus have a spacious wingspan so choosing a cage that is large enough to cater to this feature is very important. A lot of owners will allow their eclectus to fly outside of their cage for a couple of hours each day, as this allows the bird proper socialization, as well as stimulation.

The life spans of eclectus parrots for sale are up to 30 years, making this type of pet a long term commitment. The birds are able to speak when taught and even possess the ability to mimic people.

Additionally, these fun loving birds are also known to cause a ruckus at times. The birds also have a habit of copying what they hear playing on the television, which is always impressive to someone visiting your house if they catch your bird quoting line from popular TV shows and movies like Terminator.

Eclectus Food Requirements

It is suggested feeding eclectus pellets, fruit, vegetables, and legumes, as this is what they like to eat. Actually, eating is one of their favorite pastimes and some owners are amazed on how much food they are able to consume and how fast they are able to do it.

Most Eclectus parrots for sale are energetic feathered friends that really love toys and displaying their acrobatics by hanging upside down in their cage. They enjoy being around their owner and love any chance to bond.

These smart and rarely apprehensive birds are also aware of the things going on around them. Eclectus make a pleasurable companion bird and if you are interested in making one your pet; you should become familiar with their everyday demands, as well as their needs in order to ensure they live a content and vigorous life.