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How to Care for an Injured Bird

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How to Care for an Injured Bird

How to Care for an Injured Bird. Did you know that it's illegal to treat most wild birds? The best thing to do is protect an injured bird until it can fly away or until a licensed rehabilitator takes over.

Things Needed

  • Bird Netting
  • Boxes
  • Lightweight Towels Or Cloths
  • Soft Facial Tissues
  • Colanders
  • Paper Bags
  • Paper bags

Step 1

Try to assess the source of the injury.

Step 2

Cover a bird that has hit a window with a kitchen colander or box with holes in it, and give it time to recover.

Step 3

Remove the box or colander when the bird has regained its senses, and let it fly away.

Step 4

Gently pick up a bird whose injuries are more serious and put it into a box or paper bag lined with soft tissues. Poke holes in the lid of the box or bag so that the bird can breathe.

Step 5

Refrain from giving food or water to the injured bird.

Step 6

Call for professional help. If you do not have a local wildlife rehabilitation organization, call your local Audubon chapter, Humane Society or a local veterinarian to put you in touch with licensed rehabilitators in your area.


  • Handle a wild bird as little as possible to avoid further trauma.
  • Dropping a lightweight cloth over an injured bird can help you catch it so that you can place it in a box.
  • Do not try to "heal" an injured bird yourself unless you are licensed to do so.
  • It is unlawful to keep most species of wild birds without a license.


  • If you find an injured hawk, owl or other large bird that has the potential to injure you, do not try to capture the bird yourself. Call for help as suggested above.