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Plastic Bird Spikes Ensuring Perfect Bird Proof Protection For All Pets

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Putting birds in cages that are not well suited for them can cause a lot of problems for both the pet owners and the birds. It is very necessary that the bird will be happy inside the cage so you have to choose the cage well. A good cage would cost more but it is worth the price if it makes your pet more comfortable and healthier.

Therefore, only a bird cage that is the right size and shape for the pet should be purchased. Depending on the pet's size, the cage should be at least a few feet bigger than him but the bars should be smaller to prevent him from getting stuck when he tries to get out. Choose a bird cage that has both vertical and horizontal bars to enable your pet to climb on them for exercise and fun. Angled cages are preferable than circular ones because circular cages tend to confuse birds.

As their name suggests, bird spikes create an unpleasant and uncomfortable surface to land upon, thus encouraging birds to go and land elsewhere. Expert bird companies are able to install this simple and effective solution into the premises, preventing birds from landing and roosting. They can be either glued to the surface, or directly attached by using nails or screws.

The bird spikes which leading companies are able to provide, are available in a range of different strengths and sizes, to cater for varying sizes of birds. These can be chosen depending on the types of birds with which most regularly problems are encountered, to offer the most suitable and effective solution. If it is unknown that which type of system will benefit the most, then experts are able to help by listening to the requirements, and using their knowledge and expertise within bird deterrent methods to suggest the most successful solutions.

Although bird spikes are a fantastic way to prevent birds from landing on your premises, specialists understand that they are not a very aesthetically pleasing method of prevention. To counteract this, they are able to install them in the most subtle and discreet of manners, for the tidiest appearance.

Bird repellent gel does come with some minor risks, but if adhered to all of the literature there should be no problem with this product. The active ingredients in this product is polybutene, which is a petrol chemical and is not a DOT regulated product. Bird repellent gel can be a skin irritant, with no lasting health hazards. It's listed as hazard Polymerization. It is advised to wear safety bird proof goggles and gloves when handling bird repellent gel, and always wash hands after the application of this and other hazardous products.

Birds of all sorts are destroying some of our most prized possessions. They can cause damage to our gardens, and become a pain in parking lots. It's not at all attractive to find homes ledges, sills, rafters, and many more of the indoor and outdoor locations destroyed by birds. Bird repellent gel makes for a sticky and slimy bird proof surface that's uncomfortable for birds. They learn over time and will not return to the location.