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Making Sense Of A Bird Cage And Bird Toys

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Your child struggled with a bully most of the school year, and ended up breaking her leg on the school picnic. She isn't going to be able to do much the first several weeks of summer, so you decide to get her something she's asked for every Christmas and birthday, a bird. But you're a dog person, and don't know the first thing about this bird and its needs. What kind of bird cage are you going to need? Do you really have to have all the bird toys and gadgets you see in the cages of friends?

A bird cage is your pet's home, and you'll want to give them a good bit of room to move around in. Birds are happiest when they can flutter about. Sure, your daughter and others in your family will want to take the bird out and play with it. But you can't keep it out all the time it needs to exercise. First, you need to decide what kind of bird you want to get. Different species requires different attributes in their homes. Set the bird cage up near a window so your bird can get natural light and fresh air. Some people even set them cages outside. In a moderate climate, that's wonderful to do. You want to look for a metal cage, which is much easier to clean than anything else on the market.

You will need to set up different perches in your bird cage so that your pet can get the exercise it needs while in its cage. Obviously one needs to be by its food and water. You don't want the cage to be cluttered, so put two or three perches in there.

Birds love bird toys, and want a variety of toys. You may want to purchase several toys and trade a couple once a month or something like that. Birds are intelligent animals that need to be stimulated. Toys also help maintain your bird's beak and nails. bird toys also allow birds to use their energy wisely, instead of screaming or nipping at people. You will want to make sure that every toy you buy is sturdy and will not fall apart. They should also be toxic free. You are going to need to replace toys because birds need to chew on things. And it is far better to replace toys than furniture.

Okay, so it is necessary to have bird toys, but what kind of toys do birds like? Ropes always make good toys. Bells are another things most birds really enjoy. These pets are also attracted to anything that is colorful and bright. They also like and need to figure things out. So one thing you can try is to put some colorful objects in a bottle and let them figure out how to open the bottle and get everything out. Birds even like playing with toilet paper rolls.

Now that you know what to look for in a bird cage and bird toys, go out and get what you need today. Your daughter will be glad that you did.