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Pet Odor - Some Advice For An Odor-free Home

28 12:14:18
Love, loyalty and joy pets bring in our lives is way worth the trouble of giving our homes extra efforts on cleaning. However, most pet owner will admit that pet odor is quite an unpleasant pet experience that has to be dealt with some way or another. In this article I want us to take a look at some practical advices on pet odor removal.

I would say that the most problematic pet odors pet owners have to deal with are cat and dog urine smells. The best thing you can do about this odor is preventing it. I mean, you need to provide your pet with the best conditions for defecation.

Cats' toilets, for example, have to be cleaned daily and may be even several times a day, because cats are pretty picky about such things. If you do not keep their 'restrooms' clean, they will find more suitable spots, from their point of view, of course.

Do not use ammonia cleaners for your carpets or furniture if you have a cat for your pet. Ammonia smell is very similar to cat urine smell, so the pet can take such a smell for invitation and misuse your carpet giving you much trouble cleaning it.

You may also use special repellents for cats. Such products possess the smell that repels cats from using certain things in your home as their toilets.

If you keep smaller pets, such as rats, guinea pigs or birds, to avoid strong pet odor in your home you need to clean their cages daily. You will also need to change their litter daily or once in few days. To keep the odor down from such pets it is best to use plastic cages, which, unlike the wooden ones, do not soak in and accumulate pet odor in them.

To avoid strong dot odor you need to wash dog bedding once in a while. If you have a long hair dog, you need to brush it regularly, otherwise dog's hair spread around the house will become a cause of strong pet odor.

Such simple things as vinegar or baking soda are great helpers in pet odor removal. You may use them for removing urine stains and odor from carpets, floor, furniture and even from clothes. You may add some soda to your washing detergent, this will keep your clothes pet odor free. You also may use iodine for cleaning wooden surfaces from pet urine odors and for disinfecting them.

I hope you will find these hits useful and enjoy your pet companionship in a pet odor free home.