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Birds - Getting Along With Each Other

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Fact: not all birds like each other. So if having just one feathered friend in your house isn't enough for you then please keep that in mind before going out and stocking up on a few of these as pets.

The sad truth is, most bird owners dream that they can buy any kind of bird, group them all together in one little cage and have a wonderful utopia where everyone gets along. Even though many birds are easy to get along with, there are some that are very territorial, possessive, jealous, aggressive and just flat out nasty towards other birds. This makes populating your bird cage with several specious a potentially explosive situation. Often times, birds of the same species can learn to get along, even in a confined space. But it is potentially dangerous to place two birds of different species in a cage together. You're practically invited a steal cage death match.

Having said that, there are many birds of different species that live harmoniously together all over the world, even in the wild. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Even birds of the same species don't get along just like not all humans get along.

Before attempting to introduce your bird to a cage mate you should take a realistic look at your bird and evaluate him. Is he docile? Does he get along well with you? Or is he a biter and nasty? If your bird already has a rotten disposition, chances are that if you bring home a friend he is going to be road kill before the night is over. Birds of the same type of temperament usually get along together. For example, a bird who is naturally curious will get along very well with another bird who is naturally curious. They will probably spend most of the time getting to know each other. This usually leads to a harmonious relationship.

It would be easy to say that there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to what birds will get along with what birds. The experts say that if a bird can get along with a species so different from itself, such as us humans, then theoretically they should be able to get along with another bird, even if it is of another species. The truth is, sometimes they will get along and sometimes they won't. The only hard and fast rule is this. If one of the birds is much smaller than the other, make sure the smaller bird is the one who came first. Also make sure the new roommate is a younger bird so it won't try to eat the smaller bird right away. This will give the two time to get to know each other and possibly form a bond. Baby birds in general have an easier time adapting to another bird. Trying to get two full grown birds of different species to get along is just looking for trouble, especially if one is much larger than the other.

Make sure you monitor the situation. If it appears there is going to be trouble don't wait for the worst to happen. Remove the newer bird from the cage. You don't want to remove the original bird because it is used to its surroundings and you're only going to upset it.

Bottom line is this. When attempting to integrate two birds together do so with caution. Just like with people, not all birds, even of the same species, get along.