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Why Sunflower Hearts Are Ideal For Your Birds

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If you are looking to attract birds to your bird houses installed in your home, the best way to do that is by using sunflower hearts. They are known to appeal to nearly all kinds of birds, from finches and woodpeckers to wrens and cardinals, as well as plenty of other species of birds. You will soon need a guide to identify all the birds you attract to your home.

For the birds, it is better to have the hearts rather than the sunflower seeds because there is no need to break the husks to get to the delicious hearts. Once the birds identify that your feed is convenient for them, they will come more frequently and with their companions as well.

The hearts of sunflowers are processed such that the husks are removed, leaving the wholesome insides for the birds to eat. The birds therefore save their energy especially during the winter since they do not have to break open the husks for themselves to get their food.

There is also a great advantage for you when you get the hearts instead of seeds or chips from sunflowers, which is that you do save your own time and energy that would be otherwise spent cleaning up the mess left when birds remove the husks from the sunflower seeds. It is often a problem for owners of bird tables because the shells of the sunflower seeds can also damage the grass underneath the feeders. Using the hearts of the sunflowers is very convenient and easy for you as well.

When you use shelled sunflower seeds, you give the opportunity for a wider range of birds to eat, because some may not have the ability to crack open the husks either because of their size or strength of their beaks. Sparrows, bluebirds and robins, among others, are not usual consumers of sunflower seeds, but they can be able to pick out the smaller hearts for themselves from the table or in the surrounding grass.

Add to the seeds some dried mealworms, and there will be quite a flock of birds that will frequent your home. You should buy these feeds in bulk to get the best price and to feed your birds consistently.