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Birds Looking For Bird Houses

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It's that time of the year again, time for the birds to come back home from their ventures south. So what can we do to assist in their transition? We can provide them with a safe and secure home where they can start their new families. Once the matting has taken place, these pairs are in search of the perfect bird houses to start their families. They have now found your newly purchased or cleaned out bird condos or bird houses and they begin to start furnishing the inside for nesting.


Since birding has become increasingly popular in the past few years, expanding your bird garden and offering cozy housing is another way to enjoy your feathered friends. Depending upon your backyard, if wooded or if very open with fewer trees, this will determine the types of birds you attract. These birds will vary in size and types and will have a different home requirement, which is why it is so important to provide the correct bird houses or bird condos for them to reside in and rear their new families. The size, entrance hole and construction of each home greatly influences the types of birds interested in it. All bird houses should have adequate drainage and an easy entrance for cleaning the home after the roost. The idea of these bird houses is to provide shelter from the cold and rain, safety for the birds while starting their families and security once the little ones arrive until it is time for them to "fly the coop".

One thing you must take into consideration when providing a home for the birds you love to watch, is where and how the bird houses will be mounted. Safety for the bird family is the most important thing. Once you have decided the type of birds you would like to attract you can choose the type of home appropriate for that bird or in some cases many birds to one home location. The mounting of this home can easily be attained by using birdhouse kits. These kits will mount any type of housing you choose from martin, chickadee, wren, bluebird or cardinal bird houses.

There are many natural enemies lurking around your yard just waiting for the birds to return home, start nesting and have families. Again, it is important that the type and location of the bird houses be given serious consideration. If you choose a metal house, be sure it is hung in a shady location or the interior will become too hot. Also, do not choose decorative bird houses with any type of perch or porch as this encourages predators such as cats, squirrels and larger birds.

There are several things you can do to draw attention to your new bird houses. You can provide food for the busy family by placing bird feeders in several locations. Water is also very important to the birds so a bird bath with clean water near the homes would be a plus for both of you.

We hope this information will be helpful in helping you find the perfect bird houses or bird condos for you and your backyard inhabitants. Have fun and don't forget the birds' comfort and safety should be your number one priority! Check out the beautiful bird houses at