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A Bird Training Review of the DVD - Taming, Training and Tricks From Chet Womack

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I first became familiar with this bird training program when our household adopted a one-legged Patagonian Conure from a bird rescue. Zeke is his name and he came to us with some emotional difficulties. He was rather aggressive and usually didn't like any person getting too near to his cage. We wanted to do something to help this little bird who deserved a better life.


Is This a Good Bird Training DVD?

Large numbers of parrot owners all over the world struggle with their parrots' behavioral challenges. And from this day forward there are no longer any excuses to have problems with your parrots. Chet and Dave Womack walk you through step-by-step as they take untamed, and untrained birds, and train you in real time the exact methods they use to tame and teach their parrots to become little star performers.

This detailed bird training DVD is fairly clear and concise as well as fun. As Chet Womack walks you through teaching and training your feathered friend, you'll see that the bird training process is fairly straightforward to do.

Chet Womack's bird training process works!

Chet Womack addresses how his approaches work in the "Taming, Training and Tricks" DVD. He walks you through teaching your bird each trick, step-by-step. He also explains the "training diet"; a feeding schedule that positively affects the attention span of your bird by making him hungry prior to training, so that he can readily receive food rewards. In the trick training, he shows you how effective using visual cues in addition to commands can be, and using verbal rewards in addition to food as a positive reinforcement. There is some discrepancy and misunderstanding surrounding this bird training approach, but when you see how well it works, you will realize that you can't argue with success.

In the "Taming, Training and Tricks" DVD Chet completely explains basic taming steps, including rewarding the bird for feeling at ease with you approaching him at specific distances, and getting the bird well acquainted with the sound and intent of the training clicker. He demonstrates, on camera, the beauty of having a clicker during training. I can truly say from my own personal experience of taming our rather fearful Patagonian Conure, Zeke, that this system does in fact work, and I can actually say that I saw progress from him within the same day.

In the "Taming, Training and Tricks" video, his brother, Dave Womack, demonstrates how simple it is to take a bird who doesn't favor you and is defiant to perch, and make him want to perch on your hand. He even begins the training with precisely the same circumstance, to indicate to you how very easily it can be taught if performed correctly. After having tamed said bird, he soon starts the trick training.

Personally, I reviewed this DVD several times over a span of time because I wanted to do my bird training in the best possible way and Chet Womack's "Taming, Training & Tricks" DVD helped my bird and me so much! Whatever you do, don't become frustrated with your bird training! Simply get back at it once each day and your patience WILL pay off!