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excited /nervous lrg gsd

25 10:09:18

Hello Jerry.I will be moving house next month and i need to travel by car with my very excitable when travelling GSD.She is the perfect dog in every way except for this.she is 6years old.Can you recommend a drug that would relax or make her drowsy. preferably not herbal The journey will last for 5 or 6 hours.i also have a 7month old kitten any tips for her?

Don't know why you would rule out herbals?  That is the only thing
you should consider!
This is a medical situation and I would NOT touch this!!!
Discuss this with your vet.  If he/she thinks something safe can be
provided, follow their advice.  Try out a dose at home first so you
can monitor.  Do NOT follow other advice from a non-medical person.
Good luck.  I'm sure all will go well
Jerry Mishler