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taking my cat the the states

25 10:08:36

hi, i am currently living in spain, i brought my cat with me from england 2 years ago. he has a passporte and has just had his flu jabs. his rabies jab does not expire until octobet this year as it was done 3 years ago in october. i read on your site that he needs a rabies jab more than 30 days old but not more than a year old? is this correct, i thought he only needed a health certificate dated within 10 days of travel? i am concerned as i am going to be travelling to miami on the 15th of july.
please could you let me know as soon as possible what is required
thanks so much

Dear Donna
To enter USA; you need a health cert issued within 10 days of travel
and a valid rabies vac.  A 3 yr rabies vac is acceptable so long
as you have supporting documents from your vet, or in your case, the
EU pet passport, that the rabies vac is indeed a 3 yr vac.
Do check this out well in advance with the airline you are traveling
on.  You should have no problems
Regards, Jerry Mishler