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Relocation from UK to Abu Dhabi with Cats

25 10:07:10

I am relocating in July with 3 cats.  Please could you clarify what vaccinations are needed and when the vaccinations need to be done by eg: 1 / 2 etc months before travel. I am also finding it confusing understanding what paperwork is needed.

Hi Annette,

Thank you for your inquiry. Your cats will need the following to travel from the UK to Abu Dhabi:

Vaccinations (done within the last year but more than 30 days prior to departure):

Microchip (done any time; MC# should be noted on the rabies & vaccination certificate)

International Health Certificate (done within 10 days of the flight, issued by your vet) - must be endorsed by the government authorities (in the UK, this is DEFRA).

You'll also need to apply for and obtain in advance an Import Permit in Abu Dhabi.

I hope this helps!  If you'd like our assistance or to obtain a quotation for our door to door services, feel free to contact us directly at blog[at]