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Traveling to Romania and Back with a Therapy dog

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QUESTION: I have a 2lb5oz therapy dog I have with me at all times for medical reasons. I would like to go to Romania for 3-6 months on a mission trip helping at a home for single mothers. Of course my dog is well trained and immunized.  Neither she or I could survive a quarantine! Would either the U.S. upon returning or Romania require a quarantine?
Kind Regards

ANSWER: You should have no problems so long as you meet  EU Romanian entry
requirements:  microchip   rabies vac at least 30 days old and less
than 1 yr.   aphis 7001 international health cert issued within 10 days of travel and endorsed by usda.  Also,  EU form 998 bilingual
English-Romanian (maybe, English-German) and endorsed by usda.
This form only indicates rabies and microchip info.  No big deal, but
very important.  Both of you could indeed survive quarantine, but
there is not one.  For re-entry into USA, very easy.  New health cert
issued within 10 days of travel from europe, and valid rabies vac
You should be able to take dog into cabin with you. What airline
are you going on, and from where?  I recommend Lufthansa if you can
via Frankfurt.
Let me know how this works out
Regards, Jerry Mishler

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Jerry, what is the EU form and where do I get it?
Thanks again for all your help! :)

This is the European union form 998 which records the microchip
and rabies info.  You can secure a copy from the usda.  Your vet
should be able to secure for you.  Must then be endorsed by usda
In your case, will be bi-lingual English-Romanian.  If not available
then English German should work