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importing puppies from Italy

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QUESTION: I am bringing two pups in from Milan, Italy with a connection in Frankfurt, do I need to do anything special for the German stop?  The vets in Italy seem to think if I fly through Switzerland no added forms, but through Frankfurt I need a passport.

ANSWER: Allison
This is ridiculous.  Italy and Germany are both EU.  You do not tell me the age and breed of pups
Are they old enough to have rabies vacs?
What is the country of final destination?  Are they coming with you as excess baggage, or as
cargo?  How long is your layover in FRA?  Do you plan to clear customs and leave the terminal in
FRA? What airline(s) are you traveling on?
No reason to believe Switzerland (a non-eu country) would be easier than Germany.....
I can help you more once I have some more answers.
Regards, Jerry

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The pups are about three months old and will be in the same crate.  I am flying Malpensa to Frankfurt, two hour layover, then on to Chicago.  Luftansa airlines and I have not had a problem with them before.  Vet and ENCI in Italy are saying there is a new regulation requiring passport papers for Germany, but not needed if connecting in Switzerland, I fly dogs in and out of Italy often and have never hear this before.  It is crazy.  I do know that if I would fly into Zurich and drive to Milan with a docked dog, I could face arrest as docked dogs are now illegal in Switzerland.  They are not old enough in Italy for Rabies and as excess baggage.

To be honest, this is beyond my area.  By far the best advice I can give is for you to contact
LH.  Seems they will be the ones most directly involved in FRA and should be able to address this
Good luck.  Please keep me informed as to how this plays out.
Regards, Jerry