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Identifying a Mystery Fish

25 10:02:46

I apologize in advance for asking a slightly stupid question.

We have a small garden pond (which will, in a few months, become merely the natural filter for a larger pond under construction). In addition to several small Koi, we have another fish that we bought to help control algae. Our problem is that we can't, for the life of us, figure out what type of fish he is. (The people we bought him from are useless, at least in this regard.)

He is about 5 inches long at present, and has a generally very thin build. His head and mouth are rather wide, though - the widest part of his body is the back of the head. He has small barbels, but, unlike Koi, he has only a single pair. His dorsal fin is also much shorter front-to-back than that of a Koi - it has a somewhat "flag-like" shape. His coloring is a somewhat pale orange, fading to whitish underneath. He seems to have a peaceful disposition.

Does this suggest any possibilities to you? I've looked at a number of Web sites, but have yet to find any pictures that look quite like this fish.

Thanks in advance for your help!

-Don Radlauer

Hi Don,
I don't recognise which species of fish it is I could only hazard a guess at a green tench especially if it is a bottom feeder.
If you wish you can visit my pond and see my koi on my website at
All the best George.