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water gardens

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I am making a water garden out of an old fashioned hand pump flowing into a whiskey barrel. My question is I am looking for a weighted pail that can hang from the nozzle of the hand pump and will fill up with water and then spill into the whiskey barrel and then flip back up to begin refilling again. I am trying to find one and am not having any luck. I located one in a kit from Beckett but they would not sell the pail by itself. I have been trying to figure out how to construct one myself but can't seem to come up with anything that works well. I know that the the pail handle has to be near the middle of the sides of the pail in order for the pail to flip down and up when the water is flowing in. The pail would also have to be weighted on one side in order for the pail to flip back up when empty. How can I find something(online or elsewhere)? Or how can I make something like this? Thanks for any assistance. ";  

Fill the back side of the pail with syrofoam. This will make the front side heavier causing it to tip. If you still have a bit of a promblem. Move the handle pvots towards the back making it want to tip forward. Once the water emptys the syrofoam wil be the heavy side of the bucket maaking it want to tip upright. It may take a bit of playing with but the result will be worth it