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Getting rid of algee

25 10:02:44

I have a small pond and for several years it has been very clear. This year, I have a heavy buildup of murky stringy algee. How do I remove it without harming my fish?

Dear Larry
Well i finally got some info for you.
The Algae you refer to is Blanket week. The primary cause of this is too much Nitrogen in the water. In particular nitrates. Do you have a pond test kit. You can buy simple ones that test. 1. PH, 2. Ammonia, 3. Nitrites and 4. Nitrates. The excess nitrogen feeds the blanket weed, which is after all a plant so it grows quicker.

Things you can do.
1. Try to provide some shade from the sun. If poss build a pergola over the pond and either grow plants up or else affex netting. Alternatively plant a large shrub in the line of the sun to cast a shadow over the pont for a lagre part of the day.

2. Do a 25% water change every month to keep the nitrogen down. If poss store the water in containers for 24 hours prior to adding to the pond to let the chlorine evaporate off.

3. Treat the water with a blanket weed killer. this will not harm your fish but you may be adverrs to using chemicals. You cvan get a treatment from your local aquatics store. The company i work for (Hozelock) sells it also the reference number is 3539 and comes in 250g tins.

Do tr to keep a regular check on the water. In summer once a week is not too much. Do not clean too much of the mud out of the botton.

I do wish you sucess with your pond. Please feel free to contact me again if you need any further help.