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I understand if this is not your area of expertise but there are no experts in the category of landscaping.  I would like to re-make a bed near the
pool in my backyard.  I had a landscaper give me an estimate and it was
almost $8,000 Cdn.  I am afraid I am not willing to pay that price but
would be willing to spend up to 2,000.  I would really like to include
a water feature, perhaps one with a waterfall that flows from the upper
part of the bed to the lower part.  I have posted several pictures on
the net at to give you an idea of
the area.  I live in south eastern Ontario Canada and would appreciate
any design ideas you may have.


Try to think along these lines. Upper level waterfalls and pond, run about 2-2 inch pipes from upper pond to under sidewalk on the other side of the sidewalk take a large diameter plastic pipe cut it in half lengthways add a few rocks for looks watch you don't get too much spillage from the open pipe,  the water can be seen going downhill the other pipe is the return hose from pump at lower level to top. The reason for the small diameter pipe at the top is because you will want the water level to be fairly high in the upper level. You may have to play with the opening at the top to get the right flow. The trick will be getting the pipe in the upper pond to seal around the liner. For the lower spillway don't diregard an old culvert and cut it.
Gravity will take the water from the upper to lower pond.

            Hope this helps
             Don't hesitate if I can help more