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water lilly problem

25 10:00:45

I have had my pond now set up for about a month and a 1/2. Last week I bought to water lillies, a pink one and a white one. They both had a beautiful full bloom flower on them and many buds coming. I have placed both in my pond and nothing has come of it. There is plenty of sun, the water is over 70 degrees...(i haven't put any plant tablets in the soil...) but there might have been one in there when I bought them. Anyway, no blooms and one of the lillies, the leaves are just me :(

When I've bought new lilies, they often die back at first when put into the pond.  They've gone through the shock of multiple homes/ponds, transport, lack of light at times, etc.  I got some tropical lilies this year in the mail with flowers on them. The flower buds all rotted away.  It is quite normal for a lily when you first get it for it to at first, do worse.  If you didn't repot the plant, it should have done better initially but should be repotted if you haven't into soil topped with pea gravel and some pond plant fertilizer pills.  Also, be sure that fish or other animals aren't bothering (eating or rooting in) the lilies.  Good luck!