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pond plant protectors

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I have found many floating plant protectors and lily protectors ( nets to protect roots from fish) on various websites but none for Canada.  I can't seem to find a company that will ship to Canada.  We love our koi but we also love our plants. Any suggestions?

I live in the US and have bought some of the plant protectors.  They're not as good as you'd think.  They tend to bunch up, let fish in to nibble, trap fish (mine even trapped and killed a bullfrog, collapse over time, and hamper the plants by reducing light and circulation.  For koi ponds, the best way to have plants is to make a separate pond with plants that waterfalls down into the main koi pond.  Also, when potting plants, put a lot of large pea gravel on the top to reduce rooting in the dirt/potting media.  If you only have a few koi, you should get some plants to survive.  If you have many, you'll have no luck without protecting them.  The only Canadian source for pond supplies that I've visited is Big Als.  I just looked, and they don't have the plant protectors.  I get mine plant protectors from in Florida.  I just checked.  They do ship foreign orders but shipping will be more.  Good luck!