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big spash

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Hello. A few weeks ago our dog tried to drink from the pond. She balanced herself on some smooth rocks that had algae on them and she ended up slipping in. Some small rocks fell in also.She really stirred up the water as she tried to get out as the pond is not very deep and she kept slipping on the rocks. She drinks from the pond all the time but never jumped or fell in before but got out OK.
We have some goldfish in the pond and they got scarred and hid for almost a week before 3 of them came out from hiding. The problem is the rest of the fish are still hiding.
We thought that once some of the fish came out the rest of the fish would follow especially when it's time to eat. In your experience, what is the longest time you've heard of fish hiding after being afraid?

Hi Jim,
Thanx for your question.  I have always allowed my fish to be feral (wild).  So, I do not feed them but allow them to feed upon the natural environment (bugs) and they have always done well but the downside on this is that if they detect a shadow (human, dog, cat, raccoon, etc.) they hide.  Some of your fish may have come out and you may be feeding them and some of your fish may never come out as long as they detect something abnormal.  Some fish will watch the other fish eat and then come out and eat later.  What is the longest time I've ever experienced fish hiding?  Forever.  They'll come out when they think you and I aren't around.  They're animals and they react in animal ways.  I know this probably isn't much help but it's the truth.