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water lily,s

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I recently put in a pond about 2 month ago approx 60 gal. I put in a waterlily the lily,s grew very well but now they are starting to turn black and die, I had one flower bloom but it died shortly after can you help. Thanks

Waterlily flowers only last 2 to 4 days.  The leaves are turning black too?  The leaves only last a few weeks each.  When they yellow and later brown, they should be removed.  If all the leaves are turning dark, then the lily is dying.  What else do you have in the pond?  Are the other plants doing well?  How is the waterlily potted?  Have you tested the water's pH and hardness?  Did you add dechlorinator to the pond with water changes/additions?  Do you fertilize the lily?  There are many questions that would help me try to help you figure this out.  My page on waterlilies is at
Good luck!