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my fish are acting strange

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Hi - over the past couple of weeks I noticed 1st (after heavy rains) that my koi weren't eating as enthuastically as normal - but my goldfish were acting normal - but lately my goldfish are staying to the edge of the pond and are very still - sometimes my koi are doing the same thing.  So still in fact I thought they died.  I tested the water and noticed that the PH was a little high - I put in a little water (tested that before and it was low) to try to regulate the ph - but what's going on - I have a waterfall so oxygen shouldn't be a problem in addition to oxygen generating plants.  

Hi Pat,
Thanx for your question.  You mentioned heavy rainfalls.  Yes, that will disrupt the equilibrium of the pond.  Your fish are trying to adjust to the change in their environment.  Sometimes this appears as a form of shock where the fish will act sluggish and lethargic (because they don't feel good.).  Because none of them have died, I should like to think that the equilibrium has not been disturbed to a toxic level.  Your pond will return to normal in a few weeks and I believe your fish will be fine.  No need for you to do anything else.  I hope this helps.