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pond turning color

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I have a pond that is 13'x6'x2' I have a total of 11 fish total. 3 Koi, 2 shubunkin's,6 goldfish.I have 3 filters,bunch of hycinaths, 2 water plants. Now with that out of the way. My pond had changed color to a black looking water.It happen all with -in 2 days. The water fall has alos turned black.It seems to be some type of mold or algie. WE have been applying the Eco-system aquaclearer extremedry bacteria as instructed by the guy we bought the fish from. The water started clouding upvery slowly. By the second day it was very clouded and you cannot see the bottom of a 2' pond. I also have oversizedriver rockin the bottom to help with filtering. I don' understand why the pondhas turned black and al of my water fall that the water touches is now black. Please any thing you can help with I would be very greatful. My wife is bugging the crap out of me about this pond. I love the pond and the fish, but if this keep up I see around 2 yards of dirt comming to my house soon to fil in a pond.( just jokeing. Thanks for any help.

Hi Don,
Thanx for your question.  You have a pond-system that is out of balance.  Have you checked your filters to make sure they are working properly?  Can they handle the amount of water that they have to filter?  Check your filters to see if they are clear and allowing good water flow through them.  All algae is not green and can get through the sponges and filters.  Make sure the sponges are not saturated with scum or other material that could be blocking water flow.  The water hyacinths will help.  You might also try replacing about 10% of the water to help freshen it up.  You don't have too many fish so check those filters out and make sure they're working effectively.  I hope this helps.