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Winter pond/fish care

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Hi Robyn! Hope your holidays were great!  

My 350 gallon pond has 9 gold fish and at least one small fry that I've seen. The H2O temp is hovering around 40 to 45 degree's. I've made sure the salt levels are good and stopped feeding. I've left the bio filter running, but have recently turned off the fountain as it really moves a lot of water possibly causing the fish use too much energy. My question is; am I on the right track, or are there things I should do differently, or in addition, to insure my fish make it through the winter?

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Where do you live?  How deep is the pond?  Does it freeze over there?  I suggest a de-icer if it does and aeration or some water movement either way.  It's good to turn off the fountain because too much water movement makes it hard for the fish to rest.  Also, if it does freeze, the fountain could freeze up.

See my page on winterizing for more on ponds and winter and for other ideas and things to do:

Good luck!