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water hyacinths turning yellow

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New to site. I recently installed a 100 gallon pond. I have 4 goldfish. 2 marginal plants, I had 1 oxygenator but the fish ate it. I put a couple water hyacinths and they did very well for the first month or so. Now they are turning yellow and appear to be dieing.PH is 7.5 . The fish seem to be ok, but I'am new to this,so I don't even know what other information to give you. thanks in advance

Hello Michael!
Water Hyacinth turning yellow usually has one of three reasons:
1) the pH is too high
2) not enough sun (Hyacinth need a minimum of 6 hours direct sun per day)
3) the pond fish are eating the roots of the plants (turn them over and check, the roots should be at least 6 inches long at this time of year).
Hope that helps!