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Pond Goldfish

25 9:51:30

I keep goldfish in my horse watering troughs,plus a small meditation garden pool out back. I bought 'feeder' goldfish, on the theory that 'if they die, they die'. They don't-- they get HUGE. I don't feed them anything-- their job is to keep the water clear of bugs, which they do quite well. Yesterday it rained a LOT, and today I have a dead fish in one tank, and one in my garden pool. I fill the tanks with well water. The fish did not appear to be distressed, bloated, or damaged in any way, just -- dead. One may have had eggs. Any thoughts? I'm not gonna get too excited about it- feeder goldfish cost five for a buck, and I can just remove the fish, wash out the tanks, and start over. But some of my older ones are HUGE-- six to seven inches, and I hate to lose them. They made babies, but ate them.

If the fish died from anything other than natural causes, washing out the tanks might make the problem worse.

It is possible that two fish just happened to die on the same day in different holding tanks.  This would be a pretty big coincidence though.

It could have to do with the rain, but if no more fish die then I'd guess it was an anomaly.