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Building a water feature

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4 Pots
4 Pots  
My mom bought 4 flower pots and she wants me to build a water feature out of them. We decided on the order, but we aren't sure on how to stabilize the top 3 pots (see image). She wants to stagger each pot, so it isn't like a vertical fountain. How can we complete that task?

The list of jugs 1 smallest, 2 smaller, 3 normal, 4 big.
Number 1 to be put at top base on firm base with a pipe insert.
Number 2 to be put below the number 1
Number 3 to be put below the number 2
Number 4 to be put below the number 3
Place a small 12V , .1hp pump in the number 4 and connect it to number1.
So the water will flow from top to bottom and back.