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My Betta cant swim he just floats!

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I've had my beta Pingo for about two years and recently he has been floating at the top of the tank and I know he is alive because he tries to get to the bottom of the tank. He just floats to the top and he leans up against the wall of the tank so he doesn't float on his side. Is this normal for a dying fish, is he diseased, or is he just weird? He also has a large chest for his size and this thing he is doing started about a week ago.  

Hi Kaitlynne
Kinda hard to say exactly.  When we purchase bettas at the store, they're already almost a year old.  I think I read somewhere that 3-5 years is about the average for their age, for a pet store betta.  

If he can't swim down to the bottom, that sounds like it may be a swim bladder problem.  You could try feeding him a pea, or parts of the inside if he won't eat the whole thing.  Then don't feed him for a day or two.  See if that helps.  He might be getting dropsy or bloat, that seems to be pretty common with them when they get older.  I've had several questions on that lately, and myself have had some do that as well.  Usually they sink to the bottom though.  Just keep an eye on him, hopefully the pea will help.  You could also try a little aquarium salt, dose at 1 tablespoon per 5 US gallons.  That may help as well.  

If he starts getting a pinecone look to him, that is definitely dropsy then, and really not much you can do.  You could try a medicated food to get the antibiotics inside him.

Good luck with him, and hope that helped!