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Fat turtle?

22 16:48:43

I would like to know how you can tell if your turtle is fat?
I've had it for about 10 years and i have never known how much to feed it. I've alwayed just guested. But lately i've been wondering if it is over weight. It is a red eared slider.
Also, what should be the correct size of the turtle for it's age? I got it when it was about a dollar in size. Thanks

If the turtle is kinda bulging out around the legs and neck, and cannot completely pull into its shell, it is overweight.

A common way to help fight this is a varied feeding schedule where you have a 'heavy' day each week (a LITTLE more than a normal amount of food and a couple of treats), a couple of light days (a bit skimpy on the food), a fasting day with no food, and a few normal days.

Turtles as a whole don't need a lot of food. If they don't finish a meal off in about 15 minutes, you can usually toss the rest and use the amount they DID eat as a 'normal' meal.

At 10 years, it should be full size, about 7-8" long measured over the curve of the shell.