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22 16:47:37

It has been really hot these past few days and my roommates turtle was miserable. I put an Ice cube in his tank and he perked right up. now he likes to eat ice chips which i hand feed him and he loves, he always wants more.  Is Ice OK for the turtle to eat?

Should not really be a problem as long as there is not too much ice at any one time.

I am a bit curious about other aspects of care. If the tank is large enough for the turtle then warm temps should not have been a problem, nor would an ice cube have helped.

The right size tank would be at least 10 gallons of swimming space per inch of turtle. One of the reasons for this policy is that it helps offset hot or cold room temps a little, as well as providing the turtle with temperature options, swimming and exercising space, hunting options, reduced environmental stress, etc.

But, in he meantime, don't worry about a little ice.