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sick? turtle

22 16:39:09

I have a slider turtle he seems swollen like he is growing but his shell is no. Is this just part of growing or is something wrong, he eats and swims runs seems fine with everything else.

This is not a lot of information to go on. Some possibilities would include obesity, infections, a diet that is lacking what the shell needs to grow well, etc.

I'd suggeast reviewing a good care website like or to see if there is anything you need to adjust in your cares or diet, and see if that starts to help.

You can also try to see if the folks there have any thoughts.

Or, you can write back and let me know a few details and we'll see if we can figure this out.

I would need to know...
- Length of the turtle
- size and description of the habitat
- water temp, and how maintained
- what kind of filter
- description of basking site(s)
- diet
- more detailed description of the swelling and shell

Pics would also help.

Good luck!