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Metabolic Bone Disease in my baby leopard tortoise

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I adopted a baby leopard tortoise a few months ago and have followed the care sheet I was given to a tee. She's about 6 months old now and a few days ago I noticed that her shell was softening on the sides near the bottom. I did some research on the internet and picked up the powdered calcium supplement that was suggested. She is about 3" and I keep her in a 20 gallon reptarium with a UVB light and a heat basking spot light on one end of the tank. I use reptile bark substrate, give her fresh water and fresh greens and grass daily and change out her substrate once a month. I was never aware of the vitamin D deficiency threat. I began giving her the supplement 2 days ago, sprinkled on her food, but she is not wanting to eat. I put some of it in her water dish, but she doesn't want to drink. I tried letting her soak in the water dish, but she climbs out. She seems to be getting worse and I don't have any Vets in my area that specialize in reptiles. Last night, when I got home from work I noticed that she was still resting in the exact spot she was when I left that morning. She seems very lethargic so I've been getting her out of her tank and supervising her outdoors so she can get some natural UVB and a change of scenery. I also noticed lastnight as I was handling her that her shell seems to be coming apart at the seems near her head. I am at a loss.... I don't want her to suffer and certainly don't want her to die. I just can't think of anything else that I can do that I'm not already doing for her. Help!

I am sorry for your baby. It needs more help than I can offer, and I think it needs it fast, so I would like to point you to a forum where you can find experienced keepers for Leopards to help.

When you post your question there, you can pretty much cut and paste this one, but provide more details about diet- what kinds of grass and lettuce.

Also, be aware right now, that tortoises heal kind of slowly- you may not see a lot of change for a while.

Sadly, it sounds like the first care sheet you got was poorly done. The housing, substrate, diet, etc. all sounds a bit 'off' from what most experts recommend.

By the way, a good Leopard site is