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fire belly toads/frogs

22 16:05:55

Hello Jamie, I was wondering if you have any knowledge of fire belly frogs, they are available at most Petco and Petsmart. But each store uses and recommends a different habitat, I already bought the terrianium and a few accesories. Petco uses a bark like material with a small bowl with water. Petsmart uses a completely different set-up, rocks with about 2-3 inches of water in the terrarium and a water filter that pulls water from the bottom and returns it like a waterfall. Both stores says THEIRS is the appropiate set up. Was wondering if you had any knowledge or could refer me. Thanks for your time, John~

Hello  John. I do have fire bellies and I will tell you how I have them., I use a large tank. On one side, there is about 4 inches of water, pebbles, and hide areas. then in the center there is solid ground- a plastic setting that they can bask on, then the end of the tank has a combo of moist moss and water.  i use a filtration syetem that filters all areas and keeps it very clean.

It is vital to keep water moving and filtered so that they do not sit in still water and sit in their own feces and urine.
I knwo I would not like to live like that.,
So to answer your que they both have good ideas and points but make it een easier, go to a rescue and adopt.....