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african spur tortoise HELP QUICK!!

22 16:04:57

my 4 yr old african spur tortoise is hatching or pooping a red like egg object!!!!!  it looks like a red slimmy squeshy is stuck there right now and i dont know what to do....HEP PLEASE!!

This is called a 'prolapse', an internal organ has been pushed out the tail.

If it is his penis, it is fairly normal for a young 'teen' tortoise to do this- it is called 'fanning'. If he can push it in and out on his own, it is fanning and normal.

If it is another organ, it is a bad thing and should be seen by a vet as soon as possible.

This site does not handle 'emergency' needs well. If you need help in the future faster, try where there are several people who can help, and often faster than we can here