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Turtles for aquarium

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Which aquatic turtle stays the samllest in size and can be kept with medium fish? Please give me your answer and thereafter comment on the size of the Mississipi map turtle. I've posed this question to many before but wasn't able to get useful answers.

Hello thank you for trying to find the answers.
OK a turtle that remains small or semi samll would fall into map or mud turtle.
However both can, will, and do eat fish.

This being said, in order to house turtles properly, they need to have access out of the water.If they do not have a way out of the water he will get shell rot.

There is no real way to safely house turtles and fish together.

A Miss Map will grow to about 6-10 inches aprox depending on care.

A map turtle is a great turtle but will devour your fish,.

Please let me know if i can assist further