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i think i have a sick turtle

22 16:03:23

our red eared slider just got a new tank for Christmas. he now has more room and a plant. just the other day i saw that his skin is red on the web between his feet and a little near his tail. he is not really eating as much as before. i know that the temp has dropped here in south FL and he did take a few bites of the plant but i don't think that would cause the red on the webs and him not eating. i also think that he has thrown up something green and something yellow.

help please i don't want my turtle to be sick; should i take him to the vet?

Hello yes he should go to a vet.
What type plant did you place in his tank?
it could be thatit is toxic to him and or that if it is plastic that possibly he ate it and got impacted. please send me info on his set up  type of plant and lights heat etc
he will need to see a vet