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leopard gecko cage mate

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QUESTION: hi i have a four year old female leopard gecko she lives in a 10 gallon cage and is solitary. i want her to have a cage mate but cant convince my mom to let me can you tell what i will have to do to make everything right for two female leopard geckos and the positives of doing such for the geckos. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

ANSWER: Hello Jonathon,

Well, I would say that to house 2 female leopard geckos comfortably, I prefer to see them in a 20 gallon long tank which would allow for a little more room than a 10 gallon tank.  You can use the 10 gallon tank to house your crickets then.
Two females should get along just fine as long as they have enough room to move around.  I would get a large enough cave to where they both have space to move around in the cave.  Just get another half log for them to each have their "own" little log & space outside of the cave.  
They should be fine.  I see nothing wrong with housing 2 females as long as they are both adults.  Never house an adult with a baby though, as she might attack her.  
What type of heating are you using, an undertank heater & a ceramic heat emitter for a basking area?

Let me know how things turn out, & if you need more help. :-))


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QUESTION: Well this is great! I'm moving my python into a bigger cage so that  will open up a twenty gallon. would they have to be like quarantined or is living four no problem okay? recommend any locations to get her? HOW SHOULD I CONVINCE MY MOM SHES AGAINST KEEPING PETS COULD PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOOD IN IT FOR THE GECKOS. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I'M SORRY IF I'M GETTING ANNOYING.

Hello Jonathon,

That sounds like a plan then, a 20 gallon would be much better than a 10.  
I highly recommend quarantining the other female leopard gecko for at least 30-60 days, though, prior to putting her in with your current one.  You never know what they could be carrying.  I would suggest having a fecal done on her as well, to make sure she does not have any worms or parasites that are too numerous in her system.  
Does your mom not like geckos then, or does she just not want you to keep reptiles, or just pets, in general? Two female leopard geckos are normally fine together, & can give companionship as they will not breed obviously.  As long as they are given ample space & don't have to compete for food or shelter there should be no problems.  
They are better off with a good keeper such as yourself instead of in the petstore anyday.  
I forgot to ask what type of substrate do you use, is it a solid one?  
As for finding good leopard geckos, check the  there are some good gecko breeders on there with good reputations.  If you would like, I can help find one specifically if you would like.