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bunny lying in the sun

22 11:38:35

Hi Gina,
I hope you are doing good.
I noticed something very funny about my rabbit and I wanted to ask you if your rabbits do the same. We keep him indoors and usually when the curtains are open he loves to stretch out in the sun. But he doesn't simply lie down like - for example - cats do, I mean he's standing and then boom! suddenly he throws himself down on one side as if he got shot and doesn't move anymore!
I swear to you the first time I saw that I thought he was dead!
But I've been watching him and I realised that to him it is normal to do that.
Are your rabbits like that too?

Yes, that is a very normal behavior in rabbits, it means the rabbit is very happy and very comfy.  The first time most people see it, they think the bunny is dead.  But when they frantically wake up the rabbit, he gives them a look like, why are you interupting my sleep???

If you look really close, you may see the rabbit dreaming too.  Their noses and whiskers will twitch.

There are a number of pictures of "ded" rabbits on various websites, since so many rabbits exhibit this behavior.

So yes, your rabbit is perfectly normal for a rabbit!

Kim for Gina