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the best breeds

22 11:38:32

Hello, could you tell me what the best breed of rabbit is if you are looking for a relitively calm, frendly bunny that wouldn't mind abit of ruff handling?

 Lexi i would be glad to help u on this question.

The rabbits that i would say are the best for u is

English Rabbit-I had one of these rabbits and they are the best. The dont mind being picked up and are very very friendly...they are calm to pick up...and most of all get very close to u if u give them alot of love. I would tell everyone about these rabbits because they are great.I know this because i had had one my self.

Lop Eared-These are also nice rabbits to have. They can be stubben when to be picked up. But you can stop this by picking them up every day. They dont mind about having any love and they are good rabbits to make a fuss of.

So the one that i would choose is a English Rabbit. But u dont have to have any of these of what i have said.

But if u needed any more information on any of the rabbits i will be glad to give it to.

I hope i have helped..good luck  from amie