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Male Dutch Rabbit about 8 months old

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I have never taken care of a rabbit before.  I received few tips from the store but wanted to ask another question.  We have had it for 6 months now but it is starting to bite us.  I can not even really hold it because it does not want this.  We take it out of the cage and it just rompers around the house by itself.  We keep an eye on it but want to pet it more and have more interaction.  Is there a standard amount of time a day that they should be let out.

Hi Judy,
       im really sorry that i havnt replied back sooner its just ive been very busy.Well i know what your going thorugh cause ive had the exsact same thing happen to me with my rabbit.The best thing to do is try and spend as much time as you can with your rabbit,play with him,talk to him and even give him treats.Do this for a couple of hours a day and try picking him up then and see if there is any change.Hope this helps and good luck from Natasha.