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found bunny

22 11:38:27

I found a small floppy eared bunny on the side of the road. His ears appear to be frostbitten and he has fur missing on his back. He seems to knaw himself a little as though it is itchy however i dont think that the patches of fur missing on his back were caused by that, how could he reach. So maybe he has a skin problem? Now today he peed red orange pee and that worries me that cant be healthy. I have another rabbit and hes never had any of these problems and I have kept tham apart incase this new bunny has anything contagious. He also has some behavioral problems I think, he runs around me like a puppy and will not leave my feet or legs alone its quite annoying and I keep thinking hes gonna bite he like rubs his mouth on me, My other rabbit does nothing of the sort he rather ignore me than mull me. Whats up with this rabbit I found, there is no excuse for dropping a rabbit off to fend for himself but a person could go absolutely crazy with his behavior. Hope you can help. thanks. P.S. I wrote someone else and they never wote back, hope you do.

  well i dont know why sombody would want to dump a rabbit on the side of a road.From what you have told me it might have been because of his behavior.But thats no exscuse really.When the rabbit rub his nose against your feet that is because he maybe just rubbing his scent on you to show other animals or other people that he owns you.Not in a horrible way but in a way that he thinks you are his owner.So he must like you alot to do this.I think it might be best that you keep them seprate because of the frost bites and his back so what i would do is,i would take you rabbit to the vets and let them check him over and tell them how you found him.They could give you somthink to make him better.
Hope this helps and good luck from Natasha