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Cold or Allergies Maybe?

22 11:37:35

I have a himalyan rabbit, unsure of sex or age, was given to me.  Our rabbit has alot of difficulty breathing, sneezes frequently and sounds consistantly stuffed up, as if it has a head cold or allergies.  I have owned the rabbit for about 3 months, and the symptoms have been constant through out.  What could it have, and should I seek medical attention?

Dear Leanna,

If the bunny is actually having trouble breathing, it's high time to get him to the vet.  Rabbits very rarely suffer from allergies, and they don't get colds.  They do, however, get upper respiratory infections caused by bacteria, and these must be treated with the appropriate antibiotics.  You can read more about the diagnosis and treatment of this problem here:

And you can find a good rabbit vet here:

I'd waste no time getting bun to the vet, since this problem will only get worse, not better, without veterinary attention.  I hope this helps for starters.  Please write back if you have any other questions.