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Food and treats

22 11:36:18

Hi Tara
We have recently acquired a three month old dwarf rabbit, and have been given the instruction to cover his cage bottom with hay, and to feed it rabbit pellets, and of course water. I would like to know what else I can give him occassionally to eat, as well as the type of toys he would most like to play with? At the moment his cage is in a bedroom, and he gets lots of time to run around in the bedroom, but I would like to set up a run outside, only problem is that we have cold wet, windy winters in Cape Town, and I would hate it if he were to get sick ?
Loads of questions I know, but I really don't know much about rabbits except that they're adorably cuddly and sweet!! I would appreciate your answer very much !!

Many thanks,

Hello Tanya

You can give him carrot pieces, apples slices, cucumber slices, parsley, celery & straw berrys, be sure to cut the celery into one inch pieces because the strings can make it very hard to eat also never feed pears. You can give him cardboard bowes with large holes cut in them, tolite paper tubes, cat jingle balls and of coarse rabbit toys avalble in your locle pet store. Yes the cold wet ground will make him sick it may even kill him. Rabbits can be litter trained if you wish to do this simpily put a low pan in the corner he uses most offen(a kitten litter pan works well) then you change this daily and the cage stays clean longer also never use cedar or pine shavings they smell good but that good smell can also give them and us breathing problems.

I hope this helps if you have any more questions feel free to ask.