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Im embarassed to ask this..but...

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I'm embarassed to ask this..but how can you determin the sex of a rabbit

Lisa, Don't be embarassed... This is a commonly asked question.

It is easier to determine sex at various stages in the rabbits deveopment. On the day they are born, it takes somewhat of an expert to tell. I have reared about 2500 rabbits in 30 years, and have gotten pretty good, but usually, you need to wait until they are about 3 weeks old. Of course it is easier at ten weeks and very easy when they are adults.

If the rabbit is an Adult, you need to place the rabbit on its back. Assuming you are right handed, restrain it with your right hand (Its head to the right, tail to the left.)and and place the tail between your index and second finger of your left hand, your Palm facing to the right.. This leaves the thumb of that same left hand thumb free to press on the belly just abouve the vent/anal area. As you press, the buck rabbit will have a penis that will emerge from the vent area. Rabbits carry the testicles just in front of the penis toward the front of the rabbit, as opposed to most mammal males who carry them below that area and toward the tail. If it is a female, she will only have a long slitthat will show. If the rabbits are younger, say 8 week, the males will be a little less developed, but still easily seen. the real young ones often can be discerned only by the fact that the the opening on a male is like a small dot, while the female is like a small elongated slit.

This is not easy to describe with words. You may also want to check this web site...
Good luck..This is one of the most common questions and many books will show you some photos of how to do this process. Try books in the animal section of Barnes and Noble or Books a Million!  Regards, Dr. Steve Roush