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Rabbits Herbal Medicine

22 11:33:17

My little Connie has been diagnosed for snuffles. She is now taking some antibiotics called apo-sulfatrim. I did some research as to what I can give her as supplements to help her recover. I have recently found a website regarding natural herbal medicine for rabbits. I tried to check if there are any reviews from people who bought this product. I can't seem to find any that is not from their website. This is the link to the website... . Would you be able tell me anything about this product?

Thank you,

Dear JG,

To tell you the truth, I really don't trust Pet Medicine Chest.  Their site is just *rife* with errors about common medical conditions (especially when it comes to rabbits), and I just don't trust a company that doesn't take the trouble to properly educate itself about diseases before they decide they can treat them!

Did the vet do a culture and sensitivity test on Connie's nasal discharge?  If not, you might want to read this:

Once you've had a chance to do that, please write back if you have additional questions.  Hope that helps!